What is Energy Swaraj?

Energy Swaraj or localized energy self-sufficiency is a state wherein the individuals and communities become sensitive to their own energy needs and become self-aware to govern the generation and consumption of energy within the community such that it is sustainable to live on the earth. Energy Swaraj is based on the AMG Principle, vis-a-vis, Avoiding the energy needs if they can be avoided, Minimizing the energy needs if they can be minimized and further on, Generating the energy by oneself. The consumption and generation of energy should be in a holistic manner such that it has no adverse implications on the Earth. Energy Swaraj is relying on the energy forms that are infinite as human lives. Energy Swaraj is taking a U-turn and bringing the carbon footprint to net-zero, instead of contributing to it. If you have joined us in the fight of energy swaraj please fill in your details.

Education Park,Madhya Pradesh

Education Park is a 14 acre campus started in 2010 that completely runs on solar energy.