Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the FAQ of Gandhi Global Solar Yatra. Kindly refer them for your valuable question's answers

The following steps need to be followed to access the course site: Welcome message will be sent to you, in which you can find the link to access the course. Please note that the Welcome message will be sent to only those who will be identified by the Partner Organizations/Collaborators as trainers. This link will redirect you to IITBombayX website. You will have to fill in the essential details including your username, password, the organization name, etc in the IITBombayX registration form. Based on the information filled in, one needs to login to the course. Post logging-in the trainer can start the course.

Yes, you can get the preview of modules before accessing the entire course.

Trainer’s eligibility criteria is as follows- Technician/B.Ed Graduate or Diploma holder in Science (Mechanical, Electronics) (OR) in Electrical/ Electronics/ Electronics & Communications/ Instrumentation/ (OR) Diploma in Electrical or Electronics, or Electronics & Communications/instrumentation with minimum one year experience (OR) 11th and 12th standard school students*.*This is subject to prior approval from the Training Team.

The minimum age to pursue the course is 16 years.

The device from which the course can be accessed are computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tabs.

There are no charges for the course. It is free of cost.

The course is divided into four parts: Introduction to SSA and introduction to energy access and climate change Introduction to electricity and solar technology Assembly of solar study lamps Guidelines to conduct SSA workshop and further prospects of solar energy.

The course will be a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), and will be delivered online. IIT Bombay X will be hosting the course. It will have 11 modules with 28 sections and 70 units .

It will take 1 month to complete the entire training if 4 hours are dedicated every week for the course.

Doubts can be cleared in the discussion forum or by training support team on the training portal itself.

Certificates will be provided after the successful conduction of the event on 2nd October, 2019.

The cost of lamp kit will be in the range of INR 400-420 excluding shipping charges and the custom clearance charges.

Collaborators can raise money from the sources or could ask the participating students to pay for their lamp kits. The money collected by the Collaborators will be directly paid to the vendors and will not be channelled through IIT Bombay.

IIT Bombay will not be raising any funds for the purchase of lamp kits by the collaborators apart from the 500 lamp kit that will be sent through the Ministry of External Affairs to 205 countries across the world.

The list of the registered vendors will be made available on the website. The collaborators may contact the vendors directly and procure the material. Please note that these vendors have been selected after the intensive tendering process done for Government of India’s scheme of 70 lakhs solar study lamps. The lamp designs are available on OS SoUL website as open source hardware design files and the collaborators can also locally source out the lamp components.

The collaborators are to procure lamp kits, one each for participating students and Tool Kits (1 toolkit per 25 lamp kits) to conduct the workshop in their premises

The last date to place order to the 30th June 2019, however, it is advisable to the collaborators to start the procurement process from 15th April 2019.

A collaborator has to order at least 50 lamp kits in order to conduct the Students Solar Ambassdor Workshop in their premises.

Collaborator can directly contact the vendor and place the order again. Any other vendor can also be contacted as per collaborator’s convenience. As stated earlier, the lamp designs are available on OS SoUL website as open source hardware design files and the collaborators can also locally source out the lamp components.

The payment has to be made directly to the vendors via Net Banking or direct bank transfer or any other arrangement as agreed by the Collaborators and Vendors.

The list of vendors is available on the GGSY website.

Material can be procured from any vendor listed on GGSY website. The lamp designs are available on OS SoUL website as open source hardware design files and the collaborators can also locally source out the lamp components.

Since the procured product is event specific, the dispatch schedules will be generated such that the material is delivered to the event location by the first week of September. The collaborators are responsible for notifying the same to the vendors with whom they place orders.

Any Individual, Organisation, Association, Institution, Corporation, Company or NGO’s who wish to be a part of this global historic event can donate.

. Donations can be done through the following modes: Online payment through Payment gateway /NEFT / Cheque payments

No, we don’t accept cash donations as all the donations are redirected to the IIT Bombay Donation Account.

Yes, foreign funds are accepted.

Yes, you will get a receipt for your donation within 15 days of receipt of your donation payment.

Within how many days will I get the receipt of donation?

A minimum amount of Rs. 100 can be donated

Once you donate your name will appear in our donors list on our website. Also, you will be eligible for tax exemption on the donated amount under section 80G of Income Tax act.

No, there is no limit for amount of donation. The more amount you donate, the more will be the contribution towards this noble cause.

Yes, the donation amount is tax exempted under section 80G

Yes, once you donate your name will appear in our donors list on our website irrespective of the amount donated.

Kindly inform us about the issue. We further request you to wait for 2 working days for us to check and update you on the same.

Under project head kindly select - Gandhi Global Solar Yatra (GGSY) while processing your donation

Yes, It is mandatory to provide PAN card details while making donations

The sponsorship links can be shared through email. On further request, we can also share the Whatsapp message with you.

The sponsorship amount gets credited to IIT Bombay’s Donation account.

For the list of countries pls log on to, you can find the list under the Donate section.

Solar Angels are the individuals who have a regional and local presence and could help in conducting the event anywhere in the world within their vicinity.

Any person from India or abroad who is 18 years or above can become a Solar Angel. While registering, the potential Solar Angel should clearly specify their affiliation and nationality.

No, there is NO registration fees to become a Solar Angel. All you require is the passion for a greener and sustainable future to become a Solar Angel.

The promotion can be done by conducting workshops in the vicinity, by approaching public speakers and influencers to promote the vision and mission of GGSY. Also, the Solar Angels will be can raise funds for expansion of GGSY on the global platform. Please note that all the donations made to GGSY are done to the IIT Bombay Donation Account, and the amount donated is 80G exempted.

The benefits of becoming a Solar Angel are as follows: Name, photo, and affiliation of yours will be uploaded on the website Welcome Kit will be provided to you for Promotion, Event Organisation, and Fundraising purposes Will receive Global visibility A letter of certification for Solar Angel

The following are the Steps for becoming a Solar Angel: - Fill the Expression of Interest Form. Attempt and Clear the Quiz (no retest will be conducted) The Shortlisting of the potential Solar Angles will be done by Team GGSY Welcome Kit along with the confirmation will be sent to you

The roles and responsibilities of Solar Angels are: Raise funds Conduct talks and workshops to promote the event Approach people to promote the event

The study material comprises of : - GGSY PPT. ( Concept Note of GGSY SSA 2018 Booklet Link of Video from SSA 18

As mentioned, one has to clear the Solar Angel Exam at the first go. There is NO option to re-appear for the exam.

A valid Letter of Certification obtained from GGSY as a Solar Angel can help you in achieving your global endeavors. It will also help you in Global Recognition and provide you visibility across the globe.

We are solely going to promote Solar Energy in the context of Gandhi Global Solar Yatra. Other renewable energy resources are not under the purview of GGSY.

No, there is no short term course to become a Solar Angel. If you want to become proficient in climate change and energy sustainability, you can read the training/study material provided to the Solar Angels.

It is expected that all Solar Angels spend at least 1 hour towards their expected roles and responsibilities. However, in order to better understand their role and fufill their roles and responsibilities, we want Solar Angels to devote as many number of hours as possible.

The Solar Angels are the individuals who will connect Gandhi Global Solar Yatra GGSY with the world in terms of promotion and workshops. Distinguished Supporters are the people of eminence, who have extensive experience and expertise in their field.

No, IIT Bombay will not bear any cost relating to conduction of any workshop/ promotions done by Solar Angels.

No, we are not going to give the letter certifying as a Solar Angel unless

No, it is not mandatory to promote Gandhian Principles. However, it is encouraged that all Solar Angels promote the relevance of Gandhian Principles in the context of energy sustainability and mitigating climate change.

Any student who is above the 12 years can participate in the Students Solar Ambassador Workshop 2019. However, this workshop is only restricted to STUDENTS and not professionals.

The promotion tools for all the Solar Angels are provided in the Welcome Kit that will be sent to them through email. Kindly use them to promote the Students Solar Ambassadors Workshop 2019 and invite various organizations, including schools and colleges to become Collaborators.

The Welcome Kit comprises of the following: - GGSY VISITING CARD - GGSY Presentation - GGSY POSTER (A3) - GGSY PAMPHLET (A5) - GGSY BOOKLET - GGSY CONCEPT NOTE - GGSY VIDEO LINK

Though, it is not mandatory to attend the conference calls, but it is encouraged that Solar Angels attend the Conference Calls hosted by IIT Bombay. In these calls, we expect to introduce/update you about further procedures of Solar Angles and the related responsibilities.

Partners Organizations can be any governmental or non-governmental organizations that will be conducting the Students Solar Ambassadors Workshop 2019 on 2nd Oct. 2019. They will also help in connecting with and identifying the collaborators across the globe.

There is no registration fees to become a Partner Organization.

Every Partners and Collaborators will be connected to the vendors by Gandhi Global Solar Yatra (GGSY) team across different locations and lamp kits can be purchased from the vendors directly.

Partners Organizations can be any governmental or non-governmental organizations that will be conducting the Students Solar Ambassadors Workshop 2019 on 2nd Oct. 2019. They will also help in connecting with and identifying the collaborators across the globe. Collaborators will be the organizations, non-governmental organizations including schools, colleges, NGOs, ITIs, Housing Societies and any other organizations across the globe that want to conduct the hands-on training of students (Student Solar Ambassador workshop on 2nd October, 2019) on the lamp assembly in their premises.

Yes, a minimum of 50 students must participate in Student Solar Ambassador Workshop 2019.

Yes, students above the age of 12 years and above are eligible to participate in this workshop.

A collaborator will be responsible for enrolling students of 12 years and above in this event.

Students with an age of 12 years and above are eligible to participate in workshop.

Partners and Collaborators will have to procure the lamps from the vendors.

Trainers are qualified persons shortlisted by organization and will be responsible to complete the certified online training course, coordinating with chief coordinator and IIT Bombay for conducting workshop, training 25 students at a time. They should also be able to quality check and segregate the material based on the guidelines provided.