Distinguished Supporters

We are honored to have these people of prominence and their contribution to the event is immense. These Distinguished Supporters are pioneers of their field of expertise and their experience in their respective sector is truly remarkable Distinguished Supporters will help in making Gandhi Global Solar Yatra a global movement through their expertise and vision.

Dr. Bharat Bhargava

Director-General, ONGC Energy Centre

Dr. Bharat Bhargava is Director General, ONGC Energy Centre, since January 2013. Dr. Bhargava has more than 45 years’ experience in research, product development, quality assurance, production, policy, planning, management, in energy sector working on different aspects of clean energy technologies and more particularly on solar energy technologies in a research laboratory, industry, and the Government. Dr. Bhargava is one of the main architects of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission, launched in 2010, which has given the Indian solar programme much-needed thrust.

Shri. Deepak Gupta

Former Secretary, MNRE

Mr. Deepak Gupta former UPSC Chairman and former MNRE Secretary rejoined National Solar Energy Federation of India (NSEFI) as Hon. Director-General is very passionate about solar energy. His guidance for our policy advocacy role, addressing various challenges in implementation and playing a complementary role with the Central and State Governments in achieving the set solar targets has been of great value over the years.

Dr. Janak Palta McGilligan

Founder of the Barli Development Institute for Rural Women

Dr. Janak Palta McGilligan is a Padma Shri awardee and is the founder of the Barli Development Institute for Rural Women. She successfully empowered numerous tribal and rural women, spreading indigenous knowledge, awareness and imparting values, thereby contributing to their holistic development. From the Institute where she trained rural and tribal women, making them capable of getting employment to her model of sustainable living in Sanawadia, Mrs.Janak epitomizes selfless service and commitment towards a cause.

Shri. SS Rajsekar

Director of Chennai Consultancy Services (CCS)

A highly sought after trade promotion expert and entrepreneur, Shri. SS Rajsekar is known for his fierce integrity and reach within the business community in India and Internationally. He is currently a Director of Chennai Consultancy Services (CCS) Pvt Ltd. Mr. Rajsekar has a keen appreciation for the need for due diligence in business dealings from over 40 years working in real estate and trade promotion in India and Internationally with organizations from a variety of industries including agriculture, healthcare, information technology, chemicals, engineering, manufacturing and mining.

Shri G. J. Girase

Ex-Director (Finance) of MSPGCL (MAHAGENCO) and MSEB HCL

Shri G. J. Girase served as Director (Finance) of MSPGCL (MAHAGENCO) and MSEB HCL Mumbai from 2007 to 2012. After seeking voluntary retirement from the Government of Maharashtra, he has been pursing his interests in Solar sector. He was also Vice President of the Solar Energy Society of India (SESI). Mr Girase has over 40 years of varied experience in Finance and Accounts, Urban Transport, Infrastructure, PPP and Power Sector.