Welcome Solar Angels

‘Solar Angels’ are individuals who truly believe in the vision and support the objectives of Gandhi Global Solar Yatra. They are ready to provide unconditional support for ensuring a greener and sustainable tomorrow for future generations. Solar Angels are individuals who have a regional and local presence and could help in conducting the event anywhere in the world within their vicinity.

We will be facilitating the following for Solar Angels:

  • Welcome Kit
  • Global Visibility
  • Name and Affiliation on our website
  • A Letter of Certification

Steps to become a Solar Angel?


Fill the Expression of Interest (EoI), highlighting your selection about how you want to contribute as a Solar Angel.


Kindly read the study material sent by us thoroughly. Based on the resources shared, you have to attempt a Quiz.

Candidates who successfully complete the quiz will be sent a link to upload their photo ID.


Based on our criteria, GGSY team will check your profile and Shortlist.


After Shortlisting, we will send you a Welcome Kit along with confirmation to be a Solar Angel.

Expression of Interest

Apply to become a Solar Angel

To become a Solar Angel, kindly fill the form below and our team will get in touch with you in 2-3 working days

(Kindly send your photo less than 500kb with white background)