There is a limit to the increase in production and consumption, and we have already crossed that threshold, resulting in the Earth Overshoot Day on 1st August 2018. If your answer is yes, then join hands with us and become an indispensable part of this movement. All the donations will be received in IIT Bombay Donation Account and is exempted under Section 80G. Foreign Funds are also accepted. You can sponsor the event in two ways:

Lamp Sponsors

Our approach will be to provide hands-on training on the assembly of the solar study lamps to around 500 students from each country across the globe. The lamp sponsors individuals, organizations, non-governmental organizations etc. who can symbolically adopt a country and sponsor clean light to at least 500 students from a country.

Become Lamp Sponsor

By becoming the Lamp Sponsor, you will become a part of a global movement and symbolically adopt a country. Lamp Sponsors will receive support in terms of following from the GGSY team:

  • Welcome Kit
  • Name and Logo on the Website against the country they are sponsoring
  • Certificate of Appreciation with the Memento
  • Letter certifying their sponsorship to the country they are sponsoring>
  • Logo on each lamp box that the sponsored country receives >

Vision Champion

The Vision Champion are people who understand the need of every individual to participate in the mitigation of the climate change, understands the urgency to act fast on transforming our current trajectory in energy use, understands need to switch to solar energy while also creating green jobs, empowering women and locals. They are the individuals, organizations, non-governmental organizations etc. who could become Donors, Campaigners, Believers, Crusaders, and Evangelists based on their contribution.

Become Vision Champion

The GGSY vision is weaved around creating awareness about the viability of localized solar solutions as 24X7, complete, affordable and reliable energy access solutions. In terms of support, GGSY team will provide the following to the vision champions.

  • Certificate of Appreciation with Mementos
  • Will receive Global Sponsorship

Based on their contributions in addition to the above points, the following benefits will accrue to the listed categories of the Vision Champions:

S.No. Category of the Donor Contribution Benefits
1 Evangelists 5 Crore and above Welcome Kit, Name, Logo, Link to their Bio/Company Website, and a brief Bio on the GGSY website
2 Crusaders 3 Crore and above Welcome Kit, Name, Logo, and the Link to their Bio/Company Website
3 Believers 1 Crore and above Welcome Kit, Name, and Logo on the website
4 Campaigners 1 Lakh and above Welcome Kit and, Name on the website
5 Donor Up to 1 Lakh Welcome Kit

Thank you for thinking to support this initiative through your generous contribution. Your help will make this event successful which we believe is going to be a global storical event. We believe that this event will change the way in the direction in which generation of energy and consumption is third of by making a contribution he will be part of this Global historical event.

Steps to become a Sponsor?

Follow the steps given to donate through payment gateway. Incase you wish to donate through cheque or NEFT please write to us at info@ggsy.in. Our team will get in touch with you.


Log on to bit.ly/donate-ggsy


Click on the Give One tab


Enter your personal details and donation amount. PAN mandatory


Select Gandhi Global Solar Yatra under the select project dropdown