Travel Timeline

  1. Gandhian Way of embarking on Gandhi Global Solar Yatra

    25/12/2018, India

    Today is Christmas, indeed a wonderful day to begin our dream project, Gandhi Global Solar Yatra, I pray Lord Jesus to bless the moment from which I have embarked on this journey.

    My journey commences from Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad, Gujarat and I am really excited about it. This is n....Read More.

  2. GGSY: My message to masses

    26/12/2018, India

    Today, my interview has been scheduled with Ms Yogita Rao, a journalist from Times of India. She was trying to take my interview from last 4-5 days in Mumbai, but somehow it did not materialise and we were not able to meet personally. Finally, we settled for 10 PM today for telephonic intervie....Read More.

  3. Day 2: Idea of “Energy Swaraj” germinated! Doing Seva at Ashram…

    27/12/2018, India

    …Last night I slept thinking, I will wake up early in the morning to be there for the morning activities of the Ashram, and be in sync with Gandhiji’s principle of starting the day with Prarthana at 4 AM. Though 4 o’ clock was too early as Ashram opens only at 6:30 AM. I did not want to....Read More.

  4. Bali – Jakarta -Banda Aceh – Touch & Go, but not without some fruitful meetings

    28/12/2018, Indonesia

    After a night-long flight, I reached Bali in the morning, Indonesia from there I took a flight to Jakarta, followed by another flight to Banda Aceh. Banda Aceh is the capital and largest city in the province of Aceh, Indonesia. It is located on the island of Sumatra, has an elevation of 35 met....Read More.

  5. Indonesia: Great receptiveness for Solar Energy!

    29/12/2018, Indonesia

    Not feeling like a stranger amidst strangers!

    Have you ever felt one amidst complete strangers that too in a different country? When you instantly laugh or even crack a joke with them within a few minutes of your interaction, then there is a connection with them. You have overcom....Read More.

  6. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Happy ending to disastrous start…

    30/12/2018, Malaysia

    …It was an unusual morning in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia when I woke up tired, as normally I don’t wake up tired. I had to attend a Conference in the morning, so I wanted to start my day with a good breakfast. The restaurant was quite crowded; I managed to get just cornflakes…

    …....Read More.

  7. (Kuala Lumpur to Kauntan) Journey begins for University of Malaysia, Pahang, Not without some dose of mis-adventures!

    31/12/2018, Malaysia

    Last night I could sleep only for about 4 - 5 hours, as I had to catch morning flight from Kuala Lumpur. The drive to airport was of about 50 minutes. I got ready, with a plan to reach one hour ahead of the flight time. I had booked the taxi through GRAB App, as booking it from hotel was very expens....Read More.

  8. To be or not to be in Myanmar!

    01/01/2019, Myanmar

    I slept around 1amon on January 1, 2019. (My new year eve in Kuantan, a city in Pahang Province in Malaysia). I was figuring out what to do with the plan to visit Myanmar on 1st January. Things were not working out, apparently, 1stJanuaryisa holiday in Myanmar, therefore no confirmed meetings could ....Read More.

  9. Myanmar to Mumbai, enroute Bangkok Airport, Flight misadventures not leaving me

    02/01/2019, India

    After hectic travel schedule of three countries, that too not so well – planned, I was keenly looking forward to coming back to Mumbai.

    The trip provided a very good beginning, much required to kickstart such a major event – GGSY (Gandhi Global Solar Yatra). The beginning....Read More.

  10. Action Packed Day in Mumbai

    03/01/2019, India

    Only for today, I was in Mumbai after my South Asia trip. In the evening I was to board the train for Madhya Pradesh and then to New Delhi. Hence, I had lots of work to do in the office, a really hectic day ahead.

    There was a Press-Conference planned in the PressClub of Mumbai, which....Read More.

  11. Action Packed Day, Well-diversified Meetings!

    04/01/2019, India

    Today I have to address five gatherings, which makes it a tightly packed day. It looked like a bigger challenge after an overnight journey, but as I had slept well on the train, fatigue was not there. Still, the train!

    The train reached Khirkiyaat around 6 AM. My first address was in the....Read More.

  12. MP: Where Power Changed Hands…
    MP: Meetings, Meetings & More Meetings!

    05/01/2019, India

    My idea for the weekend was to be in Bhopal and amidst several meetings, I wanted to meet my friend Mr Jitu Patwari who had become MLA for the second time in the recent election in Madhya Pradesh. He was Minister with a portfolio of Sports, Youth Affairs and Higher Education.

    I reached ....Read More.

  13. Have you received Padma Shri?

    06/01/2019, India

    Next day as I called Chief Secretary Mr S. R. Mohanty, he agreed for a meeting. The first thing he asked me: Have you already received Padma Shri? When I said no, he suggested I should immediately apply as I deserved it. I discussed with him what we have been doing briefly and what are our plans goi....Read More.

  14. Bhopal: How I planned an unplanned day!

    07/01/2019, India

    I woke up early to a chilly morning in Bhopal to catch the early morning flight to Delhi. When I started from the city, there was no fog but when I started approaching the airport, there was a dense fog. I could sense that my plan may not work out the way it should. As soon as I checked....Read More.

  15. The power corridors of New Delhi: Government Support critical for GGSY

    08/01/2019, India

    To reach the magnitude and scale of GGSY, it was important to bring Government on board; moreover, we want to make it a global movement by reaching out to many countries. To achieve this, Government’s role becomes crucial. However, I was also clear that bringing Government on board for financial s....Read More.

  16. New Delhi: Power Packed Day – Meetings at ISA, MNRE, EESL, DTU –Satisfactory outcome!

    09/01/2019, India

    After catching up some sound sleep, I woke up to many calls on my mobile, waiting for me to be answered in the morning, I spent over an hour responding to the calls. After breakfast, it was time to head for MNRE for the meeting.

    The first meeting was scheduled with Dr Upendra Tripa....Read More.

  17. Silchar: A day of some pleasant & not so pleasant experiences!

    12/01/2019, India

    While travelling from IITB to Airport for taking the morning flight to Silchar via Guwahati, my thoughts were going back to yesterday’s event, when I got angry.

    I lost my cool on Atul from EESL, whom I was asking for an email to provide information regarding the budget of the project,....Read More.

  18. NIT Silchar: Enthusiastic Response for GGSY

    13/01/2019, India

    I woke up fresh in the morning, owing to the sound sleep I had last night. I decided to go for morning walk and jog in the NIT Silchar Campus, which was pleasant and clean and had as many as 28 lakes.

    While jogging I met my host Dr Ranjit Nair who guided me to a lake which was full....Read More.

  19. Delhi – Ahmedabad – Delhi: Gandhian Principles still practical

    14/01/2019, India

    Today I was supposed to go to Ahmedabad from Delhi by an early morning flight. The flight was at 6 o'clock and normally I do not wake up in the night, but last night I woke up a couple of times thinking that it is already time for the flight. It was a very cold winter morning and it is quite a task ....Read More.

  20. Bangalore: Visits to distinct Ashrams – One of Technology, Other of Spirituality

    22/01/2019, India

    Today was a big day for me as I was to make a presentation for “Aarohan Social Innovation Awards” launched by Infosys Foundation in Bangalore.

    I came to know that Bangalore is a hotspot of Air Conditioner Cells, but it was the winter time, so I decided not to use AC. I was stay....Read More.

  21. Missed Trip to Bangladesh: Blessing in Disguise

    23/01/2019, India

    Last night I reached home at 2:30. In the morning, after waking up, I felt a bit tired but today was the only day in office as I was supposed to take a late evening flight for Bangladesh. I reached the office bit late, took some follow-ups and tried to figure out the progress of the work particular....Read More.

  22. In Mumbai: Some Hits, One Miss!

    24/01/2019, India

    I was in Mumbai today because I could not travel to Bangladesh last night, as our team thought it would be Arrival Visa for Bangladesh. Last hour check by our travel agent from Embassy revealed that there is no such arrangement. Unwillingly I had to cancel my Bangladesh trip.

    However....Read More.

  23. Varanasi: Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas, not that great an experience!!

    25/01/2019, India

    Some team members of SoULS– GGSY went to attend Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in Varanasi, however, Swati and Harshad came back from their visits and shared the experiences. The outcome was not what we had expected but it was just about OK. We thought that we would meet many Indians living abroad and wi....Read More.

  24. Solar Mission moves forward on Republic Day

    26/01/2019, India

    Today is 26 January – The Republic Day of India and in many ways, it is also an important day for GGSY.

    In the morning I went with my daughter to the Gymkhana Ground where the celebrations of Republic Day were being held. I came to the office because we had planned to meet Mr Chira....Read More.

  25. When Head, Heart & Hand work in tandem to create rhythm of life

    27/01/2019, India

    In the morning, I had breakfast with Nilay as both of us were supposed to leave from Udaipur, he was going to Dungarpur and I was to take a flight to Delhi.
    Over the breakfast, we again discussed the organisation of GGSY and especially how we can raise the funds to organise this event or even....Read More.

  26. 150 Students, 150 Solar Lamps for 150th Anniversary Celebrations!

    28/01/2019, India

    Today, there was an event organised by Skill Council of Green Jobs together with International Solar Alliance. I was part of the Inaugural session, which was supposed to start at 11 o'clock and before that, we had to make arrangements for the session. The plan was that 150 students from various scho....Read More.

  27. New Delhi: A day of string of Meetings!

    30/01/2019, India

    I was in Delhi where many meetings were scheduled for the day, so it was going to be really hectic. The first meeting was with Google on the off-grid forum, followed by meetings with Mr Vinit Goenka of MNRE, Mr Ramesh Bharadwaj of PSL and the Ambassador of Gambia.

    The Google meetin....Read More.

  28. Mumbai: Inviting Sanjeev Kapoor to be Ambassador for Solar Cooking system!

    31/01/2019, India

    I was back to Mumbai for two important events, one was a PhD defence of my student Vishnu and other was meeting with the Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Narayan Murthy, CEO, Clean Cooking Alliance at Taj Lands End.

    There was hardly any time to relax as the PhD defence of Vishnu was....Read More.

  29. 08/03/2019, Kenya

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  30. 09/03/2019, Tanzania

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  31. 10/03/2019, India

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  32. 11/03/2019, India

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  33. 12/03/2019, India

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  34. 13/03/2019, India

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  35. 14/03/2019, India

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  36. 15/03/2019, India

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  37. 16/03/2019, India

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  38. 17/03/2019, India

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  39. 18/03/2019, Andaman, India

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  40. 19/03/2019, Chennai, India

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  41. 20/03/2019, Bangalore, India

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  42. 21/03/2019, Mumbai, India

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  43. 22/03/2019, Mumbai, India

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  44. 23/03/2019, Mumbai, India

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  45. 24/03/2019, Mumbai, India

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  46. 25/03/2019, New Delhi, India

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  47. 26/03/2019, New Delhi, India

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  48. 27/03/2019, Bhopal, India

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  49. 28/03/2019, Indore, India

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  50. 29/03/2019, Mumbai, India

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  51. 30/03/2019, Belgium

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  52. 31/03/2019, Brussels, Belgium

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  53. 01/04/2019, Brussels, Belgium

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  54. 02/04/2019, Brussels, Belgium

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  55. 03/04/2019, Germany

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  56. 04/04/2019, Zurich,

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  57. 05/04/2019, Paris, France

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  58. 06/04/2019, France

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  59. 07/04/2019, United States of America(USA)

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  60. 08/04/2019, Boston,

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  61. 09/04/2019, United States of America(USA)

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  62. 10/04/2019, United States of America(USA)

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  63. 11/04/2019, United States of America(USA)

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  64. 12/04/2019, United States of America(USA)

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  65. 13/04/2019, United States of America(USA)

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  66. 14/04/2019, United States of America(USA)

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  67. 15/04/2019, United States of America(USA)

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  68. 16/04/2019, United States of America(USA)

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  69. 17/04/2019, United States of America(USA)

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  70. 18/04/2019, United States of America(USA)

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  71. 19/04/2019, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  72. 20/04/2019, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  73. 21/04/2019, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  74. 22/04/2019, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!

  75. 23/04/2019, Oman

    Tentative Yatra Plan..!